Plant Rental and Interior Maintenance Services in Waukesha


There is no better way to turn an ordinary-looking room into an extraordinarily beautiful one than by creating a green space! Interior plants create an inviting indoor environment that rouses the senses and uplifts the mood.

At Greenworks Interior Plant Services, we offer plant rental service in the Waukesha, WI area to help the people here enjoy soothing, mood-booster interior plantscapes. If you want to spruce up your office or business place by bringing nature indoors, call us. Our plant rental business offers Waukesha residents everything they need in order to have thriving interior plantscapes. Our services include:

  • Design and installation of indoor plantscapes
  • Containers and plants on lease
  • Interior plant care and maintenance

Our locally-owned and operated plant rental business assures its Waukesha clients of imaginatively-designed plantscapes and professional interior maintenance services to keep the plants looking their best.

We Specialize In Commercial Plant Service for Waukesha Businesses


Though we are equipped to cater to all sorts of plant rental needs, our specialty is commercial plant service. It is a well-researched, proven fact that having plants in the work place has a very positive aesthetic and psychological impact. Interior plants inspire a happy atmosphere and improve the indoor air quality.

With our commercial plant service, Waukesha businesses can reap the benefits of better employee attendance, enhanced teamwork, improved productivity, increased worker satisfaction, and impressed business associates.

We can provide commercial plant service in the Waukesha area for businesses of any type or size. Call in our commercial plant service team to your Waukesha business, whether you need foliage to brighten up:

  • The reception area
  • Dark building corners
  • Dull corporate walls; or
  • Large work areas

What Types Of Interior Plantscapes Do We Offer in Waukesha?


Our plant rental company offers customized interior plantscapes in Waukesha to suit different interior decor needs, aesthetic preferences, and budgets. We work closely with clients to create just the interior plantscapes they had envisioned for their Waukesha home or business.

We offer both live and lifelike artificial plants to create a mesmerizing interior feel. The free-standing planters we lease out include a variety of:

  • Flourishing plants
  • Colorful trees
  • Flowering plants

All our work for leased interior plantscapes in Waukesha is guaranteed for the term of the contract. We replace plants, if necessary, so that our clients always have fresh and blooming foliage.

Rely on Greenworks Interior Plant Services for commercial plant service and other plant rental needs in Waukesha. Call 414-719-0507 for a free estimate.