Greenworks Offers Plant Rental Services and Maintenance


We have a passion for transforming commercial offices with stunning plants, carefully planned interior plantscapes and worry-free commercial plant service programs that are tailored for each client.

As a commercial interior plant maintenance company we offer leasing, purchasing and plant rental service with flexible options such as, but not limited to:

  • We can supply containers and plants
  • Our customer can lease or purchase commercial plant containers outright
  • Client leases the plant and commercial plant service
  • We can provide maintenance for client-owned containers and plants

An experienced interior plantscape designer can visit your company to develop a proposal tailored to your workplace environment with a specific rental, lease or purchase program that meets your requirements.

We Specialize in Commercial Plant Service! Satisfaction Guaranteed


There are many elements associated with interior landscaping including:

  • A design that will successfully build your image
  • A plan that takes into consideration your visual identity
  • Colors, texture and symmetry to enhance the design
  • Carefully defined interior spaces with plantings
  • Plant foliage variety and height
  • Selection of commercial quality plant containers
  • Plant rental, lease or outright purchase options

When your interior plant installation is complete, we will work with you to schedule our commercial plant service so that regular horticultural visits are done to maintain your interior landscaping.

As part of our plant care service plan we provide a satisfaction guarantee policy.

Call us to learn more about our interior landscaping, installations, plant rental service and plant care service.

How Do Interior Plantscapes Enrich Interior Work Spaces?


We specialize in interior landscaping, plant design, and interior plant maintenance of corporate offices and business properties. Our services include options for plant rental and leasing, as well as maintenance of customer-owned plants and containers.

As plant specialists we focus on providing interior landscape installations that accentuate and soften interior spaces with creative interior plantscapes. 

Whether you own your containers and plants or you have chosen our plant rental service, our commercial plant service technicians strive to keep the appearance of your indoor environment fresh with regular plant rotations, pruning and updates.

To provide the best image for our customers we take advantage of the natural ability of plants to make your indoor environment alive and inviting with:

  • Use of plantscapes to transform open spaces into a welcoming serene area
  • Commercial plant service that keeps your plants fresh and beautiful
  • Use of innovative foliage design to create a perfect ambience
  • Green solutions that provide healthy and productive work spaces

Call Greenworks Interior Plant Services to learn more about how we can provide remarkable first impressions to your customers and a healthy work environment for your employees.