Professional Plant Design is a Science! Let Greenworks Handle It


Research indicates that there are in excess of 300 pollutants in an average office environment that can be removed by a single plant located every 10 square yards.

As an owner-operated interior landscaping and plant design business that encompasses the best of horticultural science, we are able to blend a variety of plants with creative plantscapes and designs that are truly a work of art and greatly improve the workplace environment by displacing toxins with replenished air from the plants.

With each year since our founding in 2010, we have raised the bar of excellence by setting new standards and solutions that allow us to serve our clients with:

  • Unique plantscapes and interior landscaping designs
  • Innovative installations
  • Interior plant maintenance services by a well-trained team of specialists

Call us and leave the science and transformation of your workplace environment to our friendly horticultural team!

Call Us For Interior Landscaping & Interior Plant Service in Milwaukee


Our experience in interior landscaping design has taken us from small sitting areas to extravagant open spaces with the purpose of creating a natural visual appeal and healthy environment by choosing plants that best fit your space.

As plant specialists we share a passion for plants and flowers, and their elegant presentation that accentuates and softens interior spaces with creative plantscapes. By definition, the term “plantscapes” describes the placement of plants in a structured, artistic arrangement.

These are some of our services:

  • Interior plant design and installation
  • Interior plant maintenance programs
  • Holiday décor
  • Interior plant lease
  • Living walls
  • Seasonal exterior planters

We take great pride in selecting the perfect plants for your environment that add to the beauty of your interior landscape.

With our broad variety of plants, decorative containers and creative plant design concepts, we can customize a beautiful, healthy and affordable interior plantscaping that will add stunning color and vitality to your work environment. Call us today to discuss your needs and design ideas.

Why Choose Us To Provide Professional Plantscapes For Your Business?


We have built a strong reputation in the area through our knowledgeable design service and broad range of interior landscaping options.  Our goal is to enhance your professional corporate image with the best plant design service offered. 

These are a few of the reasons we are chosen to provide professional plantscapes for your business:

  • Ability to create distinctively beautiful designs and a healthy environment
  • Superior worry-free interior plant maintenance services
  • Locally owned and operated since 2010
  • Plant design perfectly tailored to your location and environment
  • Sizable inventory of plant varieties 
  • Professional horticultural service
  • Affordable services tailored to any budget
  • Full-service interior landscaping company

Call Greenworks Interior Plant Services, the finest creative interior plantscaping company in the area. 414-719-0507