Why Should Businesses Invest in Living Walls?


A living wall is a self-sufficient vertical garden attached to either the exterior or interior wall of a building.  Placed as a single frame or to cover an entire wall, Living Walls produce tremendous benefits for businesses:

  • Sound absorption
  • Removing toxins from the air such as formaldehyde
  • Increased overall well-being of personnel
  • Beautiful aesthetics
  • Increased humidity
  • Improved air quality

If you appreciate the design and functional concept but have limited space consider a single frame living wall planter to create dramatic hanging wall art.  It's sure to grow on you!

Whether you prefer a full living wall infrastructure, or the stunning look of a living mural provided by a living wall planter, we can construct a dynamic system that will promote healthier, more relaxed customers and employees. Call Greenworks Interior Plant Services today for more information.

What Exactly Is A Living Wall Planter? How Hard Are They To Maintain?


Not only can we create a vertical garden or living walls for interior or exterior buildings, but we also offer a living wall planter that will present an entirely new approach to mural art.

Living wall planters offer a means of arranging a collection of plants in a planter and mounting it on a wall surface. Maintenance consists primarily of thorough manual watering and supplemental lighting to ensure plant growth.

These are a few features and ecological benefits:

  • Planters can be hung in a group orientation or separately
  • Color can be added to a blank wall by displaying bright flowers or plants
  • Aesthetically beautiful works of art enhancing the biophilic impact
  • Natural way to achieve improved air quality
  • Replaces pictures of nature with actual nature

We have plant specialists with firsthand knowledge of the types of plants that are ideal for your environment. Call us today for additional information.

Why Choose Greenworks For Your Custom Vertical Garden and Living Wall?


For professionals like us, building a custom vertical garden or living walls has a difficulty level equal to painting a unique wall. For the amateur, it will likely become an intensive project.

Unlike a living wall planter that is designed for individual manual watering, our vertical gardens or living walls are designed as self-contained units with an irrigation system insuring a constant supply of water.

These are a few of the reasons we are chosen for design and installation of vertical gardens, a living wall or a living wall planter:

  • Professional knowledge in selection of plants
  • Ability to install a proper built-in irrigation system
  • Avoidance of moisture damage to walls and floors
  • Installation skills to avoid contact with electrical wiring
  • Availability of a plant maintenance program tailored to customer needs
  • Affordable pricing

Call us to learn more about the health and aesthetic benefits of vertical gardens. 414-719-0507