When Your Business Contracts With Us For Indoor Plant Service…


Research indicates that living plants create a calming influence and a healthy environment. It makes good business sense to consider indoor plants as a vital part of a highly-productive workplace or business setting.

When you contract with us for indoor plant service and indoor plant care, we carefully analyze how we can make your spaces more pleasant and attractive with living plants as part of the overall setting. We do that with properly scheduled plant services including, but not limited to:

  • Selecting the right indoor plant types for each environmental situation
  • Analyzing correct light factors to maintain vigorous compact growth
  • Positioning plants in suitable temperature and humidity locations
  • Establishing good draining and adequate water retention for individual plant species
  • Applying fertilizer that promotes soil aeration and root growth
  • Removing dust and grime that interferes with normal leaf function

Call Greenworks Interior Plant Services for expert assistance from a horticulturist that can review the design elements and bottom-line benefits provided by our premium plant services and perfect plant care.

How Does Our Plant Care Differ From Other Plant Maintenance Companies?


As a locally owned and operated interior landscaping and plant design business providing indoor plant service and plant care, we are extremely dedicated to delivering the finest service to our area-based customers.

In addition to providing unique plantscapes and interior landscaping designs, these are some of the ways we differ from other plant maintenance companies:

  • Our exclusive plant services that ensure fresh and vibrant plants
  • Provision of an indoor plant service program unique to your business
  • Well-trained plant specialists assigned specifically to your account
  • Our affordable prices
  • Availability of interior plant lease and maintenance programs
  • Regularly scheduled visits to water, fertilize, clean, dust, trim and rotate plants
  • Professional horticultural services

We have a great staff that continually strives to provide excellent plant services exceeding the horticultural expectations of our customers.

Call us today! Your complete satisfaction is our primary goal.

Greenworks Merges Interior Plant Maintenance With Other Plant Services


Originally founded in 2010 with a vast number of connections in Europe and the Netherlands where interior plant landscapes and design carry a high profile, our original plan was to specialize primarily in commercial interior landscape services.

Our horticultural specialization has grown over the years to include other exciting niche markets such as:

  • Indoor plant service and plant care services
  • Interior plant lease and maintenance programs
  • All-season holiday décor and designs with special emphasis on Christmas decorating
  • Stunning decorative exterior planters for seasonal plant containment
  • Floral designs from simple elegance to classic sophistication
  • Living walls

Our expertise in horticultural care, knowledge and skills has driven us into expansion of these additional plant services where we are highly-ranked in each market.

We invite you to call us for professional horticultural services that include affordable indoor plant service and plant care. 414-719-0507